Do you have a family member or friend currently in the Travis County jail? In Austin, a criminal defense lawyer can talk to the judge about possibly getting your loved one a personal recognizance (PR) bond.

If granted a PR bond, your loved one would not have to pay anything to the court or to a bail bondsman. With a PR bond, you are only required to appear at your court dates and stay out of any additional legal trouble.

A bail bonds company will likely charge you 10% of what the bond amount is set at. Therefore, for example, if you have a $25,000 bond, you will need to pay a bail bondsman at least $2,500 before your loved one would be released.

Also, as stated above, a bail bonds company cannot negotiate with the judge for a PR bond. Travis County pre-trial services will review your charge and your criminal history and make a recommendation to the judge. If the recommendation is for something other than a PR bond, an attorney can still talk to the judge on your loved one’s behalf.

Further, one of the benefits of hiring a lawyer for a jail release is that the lawyer should discount the jail release fee for legal representation on the criminal matter.

Smith & Vinson Law Firm will fight aggressively to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. We are on call 24/7 for Austin jail release at (210) 960-9557.

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