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San Antonio Field Sobriety Test Attorneys

Challenging the Validity of Field Sobriety Tests

DWI arrests are often based on field sobriety tests. Police officers who suspect impaired drivers often use these tests to determine probable cause of intoxication and to establish the grounds for an arrest. The officer administering the test will usually provide testimony regarding the testing that can additionally be used in court to assist the prosecutor’s contention that the driver was driving while impaired.

If you have taken a field sobriety test that ended in a “failure” to pass, it does not provide solid evidence that can or should lead to a conviction. At Smith & Vinson Law Firm, we deal with these tests on a regular basis. We do not take them at face value. Our San Antonio DWI lawyers can and will exhaustively investigate and assess your particular case to get to the truth. After doing so, we can determine how best to defend you in court by challenging such tests and other evidence that may be used against you. Throughout the duration of your DWI case, we will fight relentlessly for your constitutional rights.

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What Are Field Sobriety Tests?

San Antonio law enforcement generally use three standardized field sobriety tests when pulling drivers over for suspected DWI. These tests seek to uncover both physical and mental impairment caused by drugs or alcohol.

These tests include:

  • Walking and turning
  • Standing on one leg
  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus (checking for involuntary eye jerking when looking to the side)

How We Challenge Field Sobriety Tests

These tests examine one’s coordination, balance, and ability to follow directions. Standards have been set on which police officers determine results. These tests are not always reliable, however, and they can be further skewed by improper administration. That is why our San Antonio DWI attorneys believe that it is vital to challenge their results whenever possible.

We may challenge field sobriety tests by questioning:

  • How the testing area was lit
  • Whether the ground was flat, pitted, or otherwise uneven
  • What type of shoes the driver wore
  • How the instructions were relayed to the driver
  • Whether or not the officer properly evaluated what he saw
  • Whether or not the driver had a physical condition that would affect his ability to perform the tests
  • Whether or not the officer received proper training on how to administer such tests

Learn more about how Smith & Vinson Law Firm can challenge your DWI case. Contact us at (210) 960-9557 today.

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