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DWI Breath Tests & Blood Tests

San Antonio DWI Attorneys

DWI breath or blood tests are used by law enforcement to gauge your level of intoxication. Their results are then forwarded to the prosecutor to be used against you in court. If you have been arrested for a DWI in or around San Antonio based on a breath or blood test, you should seek immediate legal help from one of our capable attorneys to have your case reviewed.

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Breath Tests

At this time, the Intoxilyzer 5000 is the machine used by Texas law enforcement for testing intoxication levels on a DWI suspect. This machine is outdated and considered by many to be unreliable. Many other states have progressed to more advanced equipment but Texas has not.

In a DWI case, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your driving was impaired. A breath test measuring .08 or above can provide proof unless your attorney challenges the unreliability of the Intoxilyzer 5000.

Just because you blew above .08 does not necessarily mean that your case is lost. A breath test is only part of the prosecutor’s case. He or she will be obligated to prove to the jury that you drove while intoxicated, which can be a difficult task. Our San Antonio DWI lawyers will fully investigate your case to determine the basis for your traffic stop and whether it was justified. Challenging the breath test will also be part of our defense strategy.

Blood Tests

In DWI cases, you have the legal right to refuse a blood test. By doing so, however, you will face an automatic license suspension. Refusing to submit to a blood test can also be used against you in court. You can even refuse to submit to a blood test during a “no-refusal weekend,” in which Texas engages. Once you refuse, law enforcement will have to obtain a warrant from a judge in order to have a blood test administered.

When challenging a blood test’s validity, we ask:

  • Was a lawful warrant obtained by law enforcement?
  • Was the blood test conducted in a sanitary environment?
  • Was a proper chain of custody maintained in regards to the blood?

Our firm can thoroughly investigate all of the factors regarding both breath and blood tests that can negatively affect the prosecution’s case. We know what to look for and how to use what we find when it comes to defending you in a Texas DWI.

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In any DWI case, it is vital that you hire an attorney who thoroughly understands the legal process and who can show the court the holes in any evidence brought against you. Smith & Vinson Law Firm has the legal and technical knowledge to vigorously fight for you and your future by doing so. We have years of experience assisting Texans in their fight for justice. If you have been arrested for DWI in or around the San Antonio area, do not wait to call and take advantage of our commitment and skills.

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    “I would love to add my thanks and heart felt appreciation for the help that your law firm provided me. Before I met you guys my situation looked very bleak and quite honestly your dedication to my case really carried over this past year and the reward was not only one felony dismissal but two. Thank you from the Ramirez family, I will always be great full and you guys have earned a spot in my family. For anyone reading, this firm is second to NONE, they know what there talking about and do exactly what they promise to do. Very professional, on time and and educate you along the whole process. I had alot to lose and you guys gave it all back to me and finally represented what true Justice is here in America. God bless you both and God bless your firm”

    Manuel R.

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    “Jarrod Smith of Smith and Vinson Law Firm provided me with the best service I could have possibly asked for. Having no background in law and finding myself in a situation that left me feeling extremely vulnerable, I felt quickly at ease in their care. They were very reasonable with my situation and helped work around my needs in providing me the most support and information on how to best handle my case. I'd recommend this firm to anyone seeking help with a traffic violation of any kind. I feel that if it weren't for them I would have been heavily misguided and probably would not have made it through the system with the best possible outcome for me. 5 Stars for their service, generosity, and in making me feel like a top priority!”


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    “Pay them, be honest with them and communicate with them and they will fix your mistake. Plain and simple. Charged 1st DWI offense. Called in. Told them scenario. Worked with payment methods (very important) .I had numerous lawyers to choose from. 110% glad I chose Jarrod to represent and fight for me. Throughout whole process I had the utmost confidence in Mr. Smith and his work. the goal when we first met was to "get the DWI dismissed" and that is exactly what happened. mission accomplished. if you need a DWI removed call jarrod”

    Ronald D.

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