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  • Dismissed Assault Family Violence
    Our client received an arrest warrant for an alleged assault on his brother’s girlfriend. He needed the warrant cleared so that he could be considered for a job he was applying for. Our firm worked with his brother’s girlfriend and found inconsistencies between her statements and those made by our client, his brother, and another eyewitness. We challenged the State’s attorney on these inconsistencies and case was ultimately dismissed.
  • Dismissed Assault Family Violence
    During a dispute with her boyfriend, our client threw a brass statue against a wall, which ended up bouncing and hitting him. He called the police and our client was arrested for Assault Family Violence. We reached out to our client’s boyfriend, and he immediately stated that he did not want our client to be prosecuted. He signed an affidavit of non-prosecution and we used this to press the State to dismiss the case.
  • Dismissed Assault with a Deadly Weapon
    Our client, a retired Marine, was out with some friends one night when he got into a fight at a gas station. He allegedly pulled out a knife and left the scene. Moments later, law enforcement pulled him over. He was charged with misdemeanor DWI, felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and two counts of felony Terroristic Threat. Our client suffered from PTSD, and we knew a felony would ruin his life. This former service member needed an aggressive defense. We fought for our client at the negotiation table and convinced the State to dismiss all of the felonies and enter the client into the veteran’s program for the misdemeanor DWI.
  • Dismissed DWI
    Our client left 6 th Street at 2:00 AM after celebrating an anniversary and fell asleep at the wheel. He was arrested for DWI at 4:30 AM and blew a .138 on the breathalyzer. The Prosecutor was initially unwilling to negotiate, but we found favorable evidence on the dash cam video, which lead us to question the validity of our client’s consent to take a breathalyzer test. Our firm set this case for trial, and the prosecutor dismissed the DWI and offered a reduced charge of Obstruction of a Highway and 18 months deferred adjudication.
  • Dismissed DWI
    Our client was stopped by a police officer for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. A Blood Warrant was issued, and the test came back .09. Our client was new to the area and attempting to get a job. Pleading guilty to a DWI was not an option. After negotiating with the prosecutor, our firm was able to get the DWI charge dismissed after successful completion of 18 months deferred prosecution.
  • Dismissed Intoxication Assault
    Our client had allegedly been drinking with friends after work. He woke up in the hospital after an accident that severely injured another person. We fought for our client in our negotiations with the prosecutor on his felony Intoxicated Assault charge and worked with the injured party’s insurance company on a plan to compensate her for her injuries. The felony was ultimately dismissed and reduced to a misdemeanor DWI charge.
  • Dismissed Possession of Controlled Substance
    Our client picked up a prostitute and was later pulled over for failing to signal. The police let the woman go, but found cocaine in the car on the passenger side and charged our client with possession of a controlled substance. The State offered our client 18 months of deferred probation, but we knew they did not have enough evidence to convict. We refused to back down and set this case for trial. The charge was ultimately dismissed due to lack of evidence.
  • Dismissed Possession of Controlled Substance
    Our client was pulled over for expired registration. Police smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and conducted a probable cause search. Police found marijuana and pills containing a controlled substance, and the State charged our client with a felony. Our client was already facing multiple misdemeanor charges in another county. Our firm was able to identify the issues and bring them to the attention of the prosecutor. As a result of our negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the felony charge and accept deferred adjudication on misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.
  • Dismissed Terroristic Threat
    Our client was reportedly heard making terroristic threats by some members of his seventh-grade class. Police charged him with a felony. Our client was a boy scout who was well-liked by teachers but had developed ADHD and was being bullied. The State offered our client 1 year of deferred probation. However, the State’s evidence was little more than hearsay and we believed that we had the stronger case. During plea negotiations, we argued that the offense charged was already too high and that with a good psychiatric and home evaluation, the case wouldn’t pass muster. We obtained a plea of six months deferred prosecution with no official adjudication.
  • Dismissed Theft
    Our client was allegedly caught shoplifting at an HEB. She had no prior arrest history, so we worked with her on proactively taking classes, which were used to her advantage during our negotiations. The client accepted a deferred adjudication on the shoplifting offense, which was ultimately dismissed.

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