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Facing Charges for Violations
of a Protection Order?
Protect Your Freedom
Before Time Runs Out.

San Antonio Protective Order Defense Lawyers

Representing Those Accused of Violating Protective Orders

A protective order is a court directive that protects an individual who has been threatened or attacked by another, often a family or household member or a dating partner. The order restricts the alleged perpetrator from communicating with the protected individual and may contain other restrictions as well. Protective orders are issued when courts believe the person seeking protection may be in danger.

Violating a protective order can lead to serious consequences. This offense is charged as a misdemeanor but the court can order a range of punishments when a violation has occurred. Protective order violations can lead to arrest based only on the word of the protected individual or even from someone who says that a violation occurred. These orders allow the State of Texas to press contempt of court charges against the principally named “attacker.” Protective order violations are often complicated and it is best to refer your case to one of our San Antonio criminal defense attorneys for effective legal representation.

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Testimony in a Texas Violation of Protective Order Case

Often the need for a protective order is questionable, based on oral evidence only. This evidence may consist of exaggerated claims and irresponsible testimony that overstates conflicts that did not result in verifiable personal harm. Unfortunately, it takes little evidence for a court to issue a protective order. Thus, when a claim that the order has been violated arises, the claim may also be based on the complaining party’s questionable or inflated version of events.

Courts are required to conduct a separate hearing concerning the issuance of such orders. Because of this, it is crucial that you have a criminal defense lawyer representing your side of the story no matter how serious the complaining party’s statements may sound. Your legal rights can be violated in the presence of hearsay. Plus, the complaining party may produce a corroborating witness to back up the claims when little physical evidence actually exists. An attorney can emphasize these facts when presenting your defense to the court.

The Punishments & Stigma of Protective Order Violations

In cases where the evidence is only oral, the court may issue a protective order as opposed to formally charging the aggressor. In cases where assault or battery has actually been proven and appropriate charges have been filed, these protective orders are common and necessary. They may lead to fines based on the criminal code classification of the offense as well as educational programs for the aggressor.

Where a protective order has been seriously violated – such as a verifiable physical attack against the protected party – the perpetrator may receive a jail sentence. Aside from these punishments, just being named as the aggressor in a protective order can have a negative impact on you.

In cases of orders based on minimal stress, minimal punishments and brief restrictions may result. In other cases, these orders can be maintained as long as two years where an inadvertent encounter with the protected person could technically be viewed as a violation. Because of these various issues, multiple court appearances may be required, all of which should not be attended without qualified legal representation.

Work with Smith & Vinson Law Firm

It is crucial that you never attend a court date regarding a protective order violation in Texas without experienced legal support. These cases require professional attention even though the violation claims against you may be very general. Our San Antonio criminal defense attorneys have extensive knowledge and skill in courtroom proceedings. We can protect your legal rights and challenge the claims against you whether they are criminal or not. Invest in your character as well as your liberty with a strong defense.

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